AISC Structural Steel Section Shapes Properties Viewer

Steel Section Properties Viewer

Our AISC Steel Construction Structural Shapes properties viewer simplifies the process of accessing and analyzing detailed specifications of steel profiles, enhancing efficiency for engineers and designers.


Our tool offers comprehensive access to steel section properties, featuring a detailed structural steel shapes chart that includes over 50 different profiles. With more than 50 structural steel shapes and dimensions available, users can easily find the exact specifications they need.

The tool provides precise steel shape dimensions from the 13th generation AISC USA latest version, helping engineers and designers quickly and efficiently select the right structural shapes for their projects.

By incorporating extensive data on structural steel shapes and dimensions, our tool ensures accurate and reliable information, making it an indispensable resource for professionals working with steel construction.


The tables showcase the properties of standard steel sections sourced directly from the AISC. Our tool harnesses this wealth of information, offering an extensive collection of moment of inertia, section modulus, and other critical details. This integration ensures that your designs are not only efficient but also adhere to industry standards, setting a new benchmark for structural excellence.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Steel Section Properties:

Unlock a wealth of information with our steel property table, covering a diverse range of steel sections.

Navigate through a moment of inertia, section modulus, and other crucial details.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

Enjoy a seamless experience for users of all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals.

Effortlessly explore steel section properties with clear categorization and intuitive tools.

3. Efficient Data Retrieval:

Retrieve steel data swiftly with our tool's advanced search functionalities.

Save valuable time by instantly finding the information you need.

Benefits Of Using Our Steel Section Properties Tool:

  1. Comprehensive Data Access: Our tool provides extensive steel section properties, featuring over 50 structural steel shapes and dimensions from the 13th generation AISC USA latest version.


  1. Detailed Information: Users can find precise w18x50 dimensions, aisc beam sizes, and aisc steel section properties, ensuring accurate and reliable selection for their projects.
  2. Efficiency and Accuracy: The tool includes a structural steel shapes chart and aisc beam dimensions, allowing engineers and designers to quickly access necessary data, improving project efficiency.
  3. User-Friendly Features: With structural steel section tables of dimensions and properties, and a steel beam size calculator, the tool simplifies complex calculations and decision-making processes.
  4. Versatile Application: It covers various steel beam properties, making it a valuable resource for a wide range of construction and engineering projects, ensuring optimal material usage and structural integrity.

6. Regulatory Compliance Assurance:

Navigate the complexities of structural engineering regulations with confidence. Our tool provides accurate and up-to-date steel section properties aligned with industry standards. By incorporating compliant steel sections into your designs, you mitigate the risk of non-compliance issues, ensuring that your structures meet the necessary safety and regulatory standards. This assurance contributes to the overall reliability and reputation of your projects.


Dive into Specifics Of Our Steel I Beam Sizes & Steel Section Properties Tool:

1. W18x130 Beam Dimensions:

Explore the specific dimensions, weight, and details of the W18x130 steel beam effortlessly.

Whether in the planning stages or construction phase, our tool provides the essential data for confident decision-making.

2. W18x50 Dimensions:

Gain precise information on the W18x50 steel beam dimensions.

Efficiently incorporate the W18x50 beam into your designs with accurate and reliable details.

3. I Beam Sizes and W Beam Dimensions:

Navigate through a comprehensive collection of I-beam sizes and W-beam dimensions. Empower your designs with the knowledge of steel properties, ensuring structural integrity and optimal performance.

4. Steel I Beam Sizes:

Discover a range of steel I beam sizes to suit your project requirements.

Access critical details and make informed choices for a successful structural design.

In conclusion, our tool is your gateway to a comprehensive understanding of steel section properties. Elevate your projects, save time, and ensure success by harnessing the power of precise steel data. Try our tool today and experience a new era of efficiency in steel section exploration!


1. What is the purpose of the AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool?

The AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool serves as a valuable resource for engineers, architects, and designers involved in structural steel projects. Its primary objective is to provide a user-friendly platform where users can access a comprehensive database of steel section properties swiftly and efficiently. By consolidating information on various steel sections, the tool facilitates informed decision-making during the design and construction phases.


2. How does the AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool assist in selecting appropriate steel sections?

One of the key features of the AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool is its extensive collection of tables containing dimensions and properties of structural steel sections. These tables enable users to compare and contrast different steel sections based on their geometric characteristics and mechanical properties. By presenting this data in a structured format, the tool empowers users to identify the most suitable steel sections for their specific project requirements, whether it's optimizing for load-bearing capacity, stiffness, or other performance criteria.


3. Can the AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool accommodate custom steel section properties?

While the tool primarily focuses on standard steel sections commonly used in construction, it may offer functionalities to incorporate custom section properties. This capability is particularly valuable for projects that require non-standard or specialized steel sections tailored to unique design specifications. By supporting custom section properties, the tool enhances its versatility and applicability across a diverse range of structural engineering applications.


4. Does the tool provide graphical representations of steel section properties?

In addition to presenting numerical data in tabular form, the AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool may include graphical representations to visualize steel section properties more intuitively. Graphs, charts, or diagrams depicting attributes such as cross-sectional profiles, moment of inertia, and section moduli can aid users in understanding the structural behavior of different steel sections. These visualizations supplement the quantitative data provided by the tables, enhancing user comprehension and facilitating effective analysis.


5. Is the AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool accessible for free, or does it require a subscription or purchase?

Accessibility is a crucial consideration for users seeking to leverage the benefits of the AISC Steel Section Properties Viewer Tool. Depending on its distribution model, the tool may be freely accessible to the public, available through a subscription-based service, or offered as a standalone product requiring a one-time purchase. Clarifying the accessibility model enables potential users to determine the most suitable avenue for accessing and utilizing the tool's features in their structural steel projects.



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Our tool integrates with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) database, ensuring that the steel section properties provided are sourced directly from industry standards, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

Our tool provides easy access to steel section properties through a comprehensive steel property table. Simply navigate through the user-friendly interface to explore the details of various steel sections.

Absolutely! You can find detailed information on beam dimensions, including the W18x130 and W18x50 beams, ensuring that you have precise data for your project requirements.

Yes, our platform allows you to compare various steel section properties, providing a side-by-side analysis to help you make informed decisions based on the specific needs of your project.

I beam sizes play a crucial role in structural design. Our tool offers a comprehensive collection of I beam sizes, empowering you to choose the most suitable dimensions for your specific design requirements.

Our platform enables you to explore and understand the properties of steel I beam sizes, facilitating informed decisions for optimizing structural performance. This ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your designs.

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